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roninOS is just a preconfigured and optimised desktop based on Void Linux,
with a light but capable software selection and several helper scripts. 
All credits to the Void Team for an amazing distribution.

Features Unique to roninOS
Backup & Restore
Once you have your system setup just right you can run sudo backupfs to make a restorable copy.

Backups can be restored to disk or flash drive for a portable copy of your desktop.
Helper Scripts & Optimisations
Several helper scripts and optimisations to ensure your system is running at its best. Including: Correct disk scheduling automatically set; Problematic modules disabled; Fix for rearranging desktop icons; Optimised VM settings
Thunar Actions
Convert to AVI (container only)
Convert to JPG (PNG)
Convert to PNG (PDF)
Disk Usage
Enqueue (background music player)
ISO > USB, Mount ISO, Restore FS
To start the installation open a terminal
and run sudo void-installer